RuneScape 3 Best Dailies

RuneScape 3 Best Dailies

There are plenty of daily activities currently available in RuneScape 3. While dailies in RuneScape 3 are not mandatory to progress your character, it can be quite rewarding to get it done nonetheless. Some of the dailies will reward you with experience while the others can help you as an alternative to make money. With … Read more

RuneScape 3 Best Non-Degradable Weapon

Best Corrupted Creature to Kill in RuneScape 3

Melee Weapons Swordy McSwordFace Swordy McSwordFace is one of RuneScape 3 best non-degradable weapons for the melee combat style available in the game. This two-handed melee weapon can be bought from the Grand Exchange and requires level 80 Melee to wield. Swordy McSwordFace is dropped by Bossy McBossFace, a miniboss that can be found in … Read more

RuneScape 3 Best Food for Healing

RuneScape 3 Best Food For Healing

Food can be used to regain life points during combat. As such, it’s one of the most important items to bring to sustain you throughout a boss fight. While the use of food is not limited in RuneScape 3 most of the time, your inventory is the limiting factor of how much food you can … Read more