RuneScape 3 Precise Components Guide

Precise components are uncommon invention materials often used for making various invention products, such as Spring Cleaner. Furthermore, invention perks such as Precise and Equilibrium are obtainable by using precise components. You can obtain this component by disassembling bows and arrows. In this RuneScape 3 precise components guide, we’ll run through some of the best methods of obtaining precise components for your invention needs.

Disassembling Items from the Grand Exchange

You can obtain precise components by disassembling items bought from the Grand Exchange. Because of the Grand Exchange trade limitation, this method of getting items for precise components is unavailable for Ironman. Do note that these items have a buying limit on the Grand Exchange. With that in mind, the following are some of the best items to disassemble for precise components available to buy at the Grand Exchange.

  • Magic shieldbow (Also gives you flexible parts)
  • Yew shortbow (Also gives you dextrous components)
  • Maple shieldbow
  • Magic shortbow
  • Elder shieldbow
  • Dark arrow
  • Saradomin arrows
  • Guthix arrows
  • Rune off hand dagger + 3 (most expensive, but yields you most components)

Disassembling Items from NPC Shops

You can obtain precise components by disassembling items bought from various NPC shops across Gielinor. If you’re an Ironman, you can use this method as one of the ways of getting precise components.