RuneScape 3 AFK Money Making Guide (Updated November 2023)

This is the list of some of the best RS3 AFK money-making method throughout different skills that is currently available in the game.

Making Ful Arrows


  • 95 Fletching
  • Brooch of the Gods
  • Portable Fletcher

Gold per hour: 3M

This money-making method requires the use of a portable fletcher as most of the profit comes from the extra arrows made by using it. Ful arrows are made by charging Dinarrows with Resonant Anima of Ful and require level 95 Fletching to do. 

If you have level 99 Fletching, the Fletching cape can be used to increase gold per hour from this method. Fletching cape’s perk has a 0.75% chance of making an extra bolt every time you make ful arrows. Brooch of the Gods is another item that can be used to increase gold per hour for this method as it increases the amount of time you get extra arrows from portable fletcher.

Killing Arch Glacor

RuneScape 3 AFK Money Making - Arch Glacor


  • 80+ Melee/Ranged/Magic
  • 80+ Defence

Gold per hour: 4.5M

Arch Glacor is a boss released in 2021 as a part of the Elder God Wars Dungeon. The unique thing that sets apart this boss from many others is the option to customize the fight. Before you enter the instance, you will be able to enable or disable some of the boss mechanics. This feature is to help players get into bossing and PVM in general.

For AFK money-making purposes though, you would want to have all the mechanics disabled except for ‘Flurry’. This will remove the need to move during the fight thus allowing you to AFK this boss comfortably. All combat styles are viable for this as Arch Glacor doesn’t have any weakness toward a particular combat style. While Temple at Senntisten completion is recommended for Soul Split, both Enhanced Excalibur and foods can be used as an alternative for sustaining health.

Completion of the City of Senntisten quest is strongly recommended for the increased gold per hour by wearing the Pontifex Shadow Ring that has been overcharged and enriched which allows you to receive an Elder Trove drop. Most of your profit will be coming from Elder Trove and Manuscript of Wen drops. Don’t forget to set the spawn speed to ‘Fastest’ while entering the instance.

Charging Empty Divine Charge


  • 99 Divination
  • 101 Invention

Gold per hour: 6M

Charging Empty Divine Charge is one of the more high-level RS3 AFK money-making methods as it requires level 101 Invention and 99 Divination. Invention skill itself is unlocked after reaching level 80 in Smithing, Crafting, and Divination. 

You need to have Divine-o-matic to start making divine charges, which can be unlocked through your invention bench in the Invention Guild. If you have level 81 Summoning, Nightmare Muspah familiar can be used to increase the amount of divine charge you make per hour. Make sure to bring some super restore potion with you to regain your summoning points and allow you to summon another one when needed.

Crafting Decorated Runecrafting Urns

RuneScape 3 AFK Money Making - Crafting Decorated Urn


Gold per hour: 6M

Lunar Diplomacy quest completion is required to unlock Lunar spells available from the Lunar spellbook. This method uses the Fire Urn spell from the Lunar spellbook to fire the unfired decorated urns.

You can create unfired decorated urns by using 2 soft clay on a pottery wheel. Make as many urns as you see fit. After all the unfired decorated urns are created, use the Fire Urn spell which requires 1 astral rune, 5 earth runes, 5 water runes, and 10 fire runes. It’s recommended to use Steam Battlestaff to provide you with free water runes and fire runes. As such, by using Steam Battlestaff you only need to provide astral runes and earth runes.

Smelting Elder Rune Bars


Gold per hour: 5.5M

You need at least around 40M gold available to do this smithing RS3 AFK money-making method for an hour. Those 40M gold goes towards buying the required items for doing this money-making method for at least an hour which are 2700 Dark Animica, 2700 Light Animica, and 2700 Rune Bar.

While you are able to smelt elder rune bars from level 90 Smithing, it is recommended to do this money-making method at level 94 Smithing at the very least. At level 94 you smelt elder rune bars 50% faster than before. Level 91 Prayer is required for Superheat Form prayer which allows you to smelt bars 0.6 seconds faster than normal. As this will drain your prayer points, make sure to bring some super prayer renewal potion to regain your prayer points. The Grace of the Elves can be used to decrease prayer points drained by Superheat Form prayer.