RuneScape 3 Best Dailies

There are plenty of daily activities currently available in RuneScape 3. While dailies in RuneScape 3 are not mandatory to progress your character, it can be quite rewarding to get it done nonetheless. Some of the dailies will reward you with experience while the others can help you as an alternative to make money. With that in mind, the following are some of RuneScape 3 best dailies to do.

Reaper Task

Soul Reaper or Reaper Task is a daily activity in which the player is given a task to kill various bosses in the game. You can get your Reaper task by talking to Death at the Death’s office. Death’s office can be accessed by using a portal next to the Draynor Village lodestone. A grim gem will be given to you and can be used to obtain another task thus making traveling back to Death’s office unnecessary except for collecting rewards.

A Reaper task can be rerolled up to five times per day. The first reroll will not cost you anything while the rerolls after that will reduce the reaper points reward you got for completing the task by 25%. You obtained one free reaper task per day. You can unlock the ability to purchase additional reaper tasks using slayer points by paying 150 reaper points to Death at his office. It costs you 250 Slayer points to get an additional task. You can also unlock Reaper’s Choice perk for 250 reaper points from Death. Reaper’s Choice gives a 10% chance for you to be able to choose a boss you want for your task instead of being given a random one.

Reaper Task is one of the daily activities that can earn you money. An Incomplete hydrix can be bought with 300 reaper points from Death’s store. Incomplete hydrix can be sold in the Grand Exchange and is priced at 68M gold each.

Daily Challenges

RuneScape 3 Best Dailies - Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are a set of skill-specific task that is given to the player after the daily reset (00:00 UTC). Three daily challenges are available for you to do and will expire and be replaced with three new ones at the end of each day. Unlike reaper tasks, daily challenges are active by default. You can see currently active daily challenges by opening the ‘Adventure’ interface and clicking on the ‘Challenges’ tab.

You will be given experience in the skill of the task after completing each of these challenges. Other than that, you will also obtain a Treasure hunter key for each completed task if you’re a member.

Making Vis Wax

You need to have level 50 Runecrafting and be a member to be able to do this activity. Making vis wax can be done by using the Rune Goldberg Machine located on the eastern side of the Runecrafting Guild. After clicking the machine, an interface will be shown in which you can put various runes into three different slots. The combination of runes you put into these slots will affect the amount of vis wax you’ll get.

You can produce 100 vis wax at most and the combination to generate this amount is changing daily and varies slightly between players. You can solve the first two slots with the help of this community-ran RuneScape forum thread. The first slot is the same for all players. For the second slot, you need to try all three runes mentioned on the post because it can be any of the three. If you have level 99 Runecrafting, the Runecrafting skillcape can help you solve the third slot. Without the skillcape, you need to solve the third slot on your own and try each of the remaining runes.

Vis wax can be sold at the Grand Exchange and is currently priced at 18604 gold each. You should earn around 990K gold every time you complete this daily activity.

Player-Owned Ports

Player-owned ports is a high-level minigame first released in 2012. To be able to do this content you need to be a member and have level 90 in at least one of the following skills: Divination, Fishing, Agility, Construction, Cooking, Herblore, Runecrafting, Thieving, Hunter, Prayer, Slayer, and Dungeoneering.

You can start this content by entering the portal in Port Sarim located south-west of the Rusty Anchor pub. Player-owned ports mostly involve the player in building and managing their own port. You will be able to send ships to complete various voyages around the Wushanko Isles. You can increase the voyage’s success chance by upgrading the ship and choosing the right captain and crew members. A successful voyage may reward the player with resources and items that are only available through this content.

Shop Runs

RuneScape 3 Best Dailies - Shop Runs

Shop runs is one of RuneScape 3 best dailies to do. This daily activity is strictly for money-making purposes. You can buy runes available from various rune shops throughout Gielinor. After that, runes bought from the rune shops can be sold at a higher price at the Grand Exchange. Take a look at this RuneScape Wiki page to see the location of all the rune shops. Do note that some of the shops are located in the members-only area.