RuneScape 3 Undead Components Guide

Undead components are invention materials often used in gizmos. There are a couple of perks that are possible to get by using undead components, the most popular being Undead Slayer. Undead components are relatively difficult to obtain, given their status as a rare material. With this RuneScape 3 undead components guide we’ll be going through some of the best methods of obtaining undead components for your invention needs.

Disassembling Items from the Grand Exchange

You can obtain undead components by disassembling items bought from the Grand Exchange. Because of the Grand Exchange trade limitation, this method of getting items for undead components is unavailable for Ironman. Undead components are often found from disassembling mid to high-level armors. Because of that, this component is more expensive to obtain than most others through this method. Do note that it’s better to augment and level up the items below to level 9 before disassembling them to increase the amount of undead components you get. Furthermore, watch out for the buying limit for each item if you’re looking to do this method repeatedly.

  • Malevolent armors
  • Torag’s armors
  • Guthan’s armors
  • Verac’s armors
  • Dharok’s armors
  • Torag’s hammer
  • Verac’s flail
  • Malevolent kiteshield
  • Vengeful kiteshield
  • Akrisae’s armors
  • Karil’s armors
  • Karil’s crossbows

Disassembling PVM Drops

You can disassemble the following loots from PVM activities to obtain undead components. This method of getting undead components is available for Ironman to do.