RuneScape 3 Precious Components Guide

Precious components are uncommon invention materials often used for making various invention products, such as large generators, equipment siphons, etc. You can obtain this component by disassembling cut gems, rings, and amulets. In this RuneScape 3 precious components guide, we’ll run through some of the best methods of obtaining precious components currently available in the game.

Disassembling Items from the Grand Exchange

You can get precious components by disassembling items bought from the Grand Exchange. Because of the Grand Exchange trade limitation, this method of getting items for precious components is unavailable for Ironman. Do note that these items have a buying limit on the Grand Exchange.

  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Binding necklace
  • Sapphire ring
  • Sapphire amulet
  • Amulet of magic
  • Diamond ring

Disassembling Items from Skilling

You can disassemble the following loots from skilling activities to obtain precious components. If you’re an Ironman, you can use these skilling activities to get precious components for your invention needs.

  • Gems from the Al Kharid mine, located northwest of Het’s Oasis. Gems are some of the best items to disassemble for precious components. Naturally, mining gems in the Al Kharid mine becomes one of the best skilling activities to get precious components. To get better gems, always mine from the uncommon gem rock. You can cut the gems before disassembling them for a better chance of getting precious components. Not to mention that you’ll get a decent amount of crafting XP. Don’t forget to bring your gem bag for this method. This method is also a good source for getting clear parts.
Mining gems in the Al Kharid mine
Mining gems in the Al Kharid mine.

  • Ring of slaying. Level 75 Crafting and the ability to craft the ring of slayingย (available from Slayer masters, cost 300 Slayer points) is required to be able to make this ring. You can make this ring by bringing a gold bar and an enchanted gem to a furnace. Enchanted gems are available to purchase from various slayer masters.