RuneScape 3 Fortunate Components Guide

Fortunate components are rare invention materials discoverable and usable at level 54 Invention. Fortunate components are often used in making alchemical hydrix and alchemical onyx. Furthermore, you can use this component in a gizmo to obtain certain perks. You can obtain this component by disassembling most Treasure Trails rewards. In this RuneScape 3 fortunate components guide, we’ll run through some of the best methods of obtaining fortunate components throughout the game.

Disassembling Items from the Grand Exchange

You can obtain fortunate components by disassembling items bought from the Grand Exchange. Because of the Grand Exchange trade limitation, this method of getting items for fortunate components is unavailable for Ironman. Do note that these items have a buying limit on the Grand Exchange.

Disassembling Items from doing the Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails is an activity that involves players in solving clues from a sealed clue scroll to find treasure. There are five different types of clue scrolls ranging in difficulty that are available in Treasure Trails. Those clue scrolls are easy, medium, hard, elite, and master. Easy clue scroll is the easiest out of the bunch but also rewards the least, while the master clue scroll is the hardest to do but also rewards the most. Although for the purpose of getting fortunate components, completing the easy clue scroll is the better choice.

Obtaining Easy Clue Scrolls

There are many ways to get easy clue scrolls. In this part of the RuneScape 3 fortunate components guide, we’ll be going through some of the best methods of getting easy clue scrolls.

  • Pickpocketing H.A.M. members while wearing H.A.M. robes in the H.A.M. hideout. You can find this hideout entrance in the northeast of the Lumbridge furnace. You need to have at least level 15 Thieving to pickpocket H.A.M. members.
Pickpocketing H.A.M. members
Pickpocketing H.A.M. members for easy clue scrolls.

  • Killing bandit looters which can be found south of Uzer. Bandit looters have a combat level of 42 and 1500 life points. Don’t forget to bring your best desert heat protection before doing this method.

Solving Easy Clue Scrolls for Fortunate Components

After you’ve gathered a decent amount of easy clue scrolls, you can start solving them to obtain the necessary items that disassemble into fortunate components. Easy clue scrolls are made up of between three to five different clues. To obtain the rewards, you have to solve all the given clues repeatedly until you obtain a reward casket. The following are all the different types of clues possible from an easy clue scroll and ways to solve them.

After you’ve completed an easy clue scroll, you will obtain a reward casket containing all your rewards. Refers to this list of items that disassemble into fortunate components to determine if your rewards will yield a fortunate component when disassembled.