OSRS Fastest Weapons | OSRS Guide

There are a lot of weapons available to choose from in OSRS. Each of them with its own attack type, bonuses, and other differentiating stats. Therefore, you might need a certain weapon depending on your situation and what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to find out about some of OSRS fastest weapons, then you’re coming to the right place! Following are some of OSRS fastest weapons complete with their stats and requirements.

Fastest Melee Weapons in OSRS

Swift Blade

The Swift blade is one of the melee weapons with the fastest attack speed. This one-handed weapon has an attack speed of 3. Both stab and slash are available as the attack type for this weapon. Unfortunately, the swift blade offers no stat bonuses.

The Swift blade has no attack level requirement. You can purchase this weapon for 350 Last Man Standing points from the Last Man Standing reward store. This store is accessible by talking to Justine in the Last Man Standing lobby. You can also purchase the Swift blade from the Grand Exchange.

Ham Joint

The ham joint is a one-handed weapon with an attack speed of 3. The same with the Swift blade, this weapon also offers no stat bonuses. The ham joint uses crush as its attack type.

You can obtain the ham joint as a rare reward from easy Treasure Trails. As this weapon is tradable, you can also buy it from the Grand Exchange.

Fastest Ranged Weapons in OSRS


Darts are one of the fastest weapon types for ranged combat available in OSRS. With an attack speed of 3, darts are one of the best weapons you can use to train your ranged skill. Dragon darts are the strongest option available for a weapon of this type. You need to have level 60 Ranged to use dragon darts. Meanwhile, level 95 Fletching is required to craft it.

Throwing Knife

Throwing knives can be used as an alternative to darts if you’re looking for a fast ranged weapon. The same with darts, throwing knives has an attack speed of 3. The dragon knife is the best choice if you’re looking for the strongest weapon of this type. You need level 60 Ranged to be able to use this weapon. The dragon knife can’t be obtained through crafting. Instead, this weapon is dropped from slayer tasks. You can also buy this weapon from the Grand Exchange.