OSRS Cooking Gear Guide

Cooking is one of the skills available to level in Old School RuneScape. As you level cooking, you will unlock more and more abilities to make better foods. While cooking is already one of the fastest skills to level, some gears can be used to further help you with leveling this skill. With this OSRS cooking gear guide, we’ll have a look at those useful gears and their requirements.

Cooking Gauntlets

Cooking gauntlets are a pair of gloves that can be obtained after completing the Family Crest quest. You need to have level 40 Mining, 40 Smithing, 59 Magic, and 40 Crafting to be able to do this quest.

Cooking gauntlets significantly decrease the chance of burning fish while cooking. However, keep in mind that this effect only works on Lobster (Level 40 Cooking), Swordfish (Level 45 Cooking), Monkfish (Level 62 Cooking), Shark (Level 80 Cooking), and Anglerfish (Level 84 Cooking).

Cooking Cape

The cooking cape can be obtained after reaching level 99 Cooking. You can purchase this cape from the Head chef located in the Cook’s Guild for 99000 coins.

With this cape, you’ll be able to boost your cooking by 1 level. This can be achieved by right-clicking on the cooking cape. Most importantly, other than level boost, this cape also prevents you from burning food while cooking. This effect is applied to nearly every food. For that reason, this cape is a much better gear compared to cooking gauntlets. After you achieve level 99 Cooking, you can stop using your cooking gauntlets and opt for the cooking cape instead for its better effect.

Other Useful Cooking Items

  • Chef’s Delight. You can make Chef’s Delight by using breweries with level 54 Cooking. This item will temporarily boost your cooking level by 5% of your total cooking level + 1 additional level. Keep in mind that this item will also decrease your Attack and Strength level by 5% + 2 levels.
  • Chef’s Delight(m). Mature Chef’s Delight is the stronger version of Chef’s Delight, which boost your cooking level by 2 additional level instead of 1. This item also decreases your Attack and Strength level further by 1 level compared to the normal Chef’s Delight.
  • Spicy Stew. You can make spicy stew after completing the Freeing Evil Dave part of the Recipe of Disaster quest. Spicy stew will increase or decrease a random skill’s level temporarily.