Low Level Bosses in RuneScape 3

Bossing is one of the most exciting parts of RuneScape 3. Bossing is not only available for high-level players, as some of the bosses have low or no requirements thus making them available for low-level players. In this article, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive list of low-level bosses in RuneScape 3, complete with its requirements and rewards.

Giant Mole

The Giant mole is a low-level boss that is accessible by crawling down the plant roots in Falador Park. There is no requirement for you to be able to access and kill this boss, but it’s recommended to have level 60+ on the combat style of your choosing and level 43 prayer for Protect from Melee. Giant Mole is one of the only three F2P bosses available in RuneScape 3 making it one of the most accessible bosses in the game.

King Black Dragon

Low Level Bosses in RuneScape 3 - King Black Dragon

You can find the King Black Dragon in its lair which can be accessed using an artifact north-west of the Edgeville lodestone. Level 70+ on your chosen combat style is recommended to take on this boss. Don’t forget to bring some Antipoison and Super antifire as it would help you take less damage during the fight. This boss is also available for F2P players.

Notable drops:

  • Draconic visage.

Dagannoth Kings

For this particular bossing activity, you will encounter three instead of just one boss at a time. Dagannoth Rex can only be killed with Magic, Dagannoth Supreme can only be killed with Melee, while a ranged weapon is required to kill Dagannoth Prime. So with that in mind, you need to bring weapons for each combat style. Having at least level 75 in each combat style is recommended.

Notable drops:

  • Warrior ring,
  • Berserker ring,
  • Archers’ ring,
  • Seers’ ring.

Chaos Elemental

Chaos Elemental is a boss that can be found in the Wilderness. This boss is currently the strongest monster available for F2P players.

Notable drops:

  • Zuriel’s armor set,
  • Zuriel’s staff,
  • Statius’s warhammer.


Low-Level Bosses in RuneScape 3 - Arch-Glacor

Arch-Glacor is a boss that is located in the Elder God Wars Dungeon. At its strongest form, Arch-Glacor is one of the hardest bosses in RuneScape 3. Despite that, Arch-Glacor can actually be a good option for low-level players too. That’s because you’ll be able to enable or disable five of the mechanics of this boss before the fight. Level 80+ on the combat style of your choosing is recommended to be able to do reasonable damage to this boss. Another factor to consider for choosing this boss is that it’s quite a decent money-making method even for low-level players. With all of that in mind, Arch-Glacor is amongst the best low-level bosses in RuneScape 3.

Notable drops:

  • Manuscript of Wen,
  • Uncut onyx,
  • Leng artifact (Only with all mechanics enabled),
  • Scripture of Wen (Only with all mechanics enabled).