Best Corrupted Creatures to Kill in RuneScape 3

Corrupted creatures are slayer monsters located in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Corrupted creatures are considered high-level slayer monsters, with the Corrupted scorpion having the lowest slayer level requirement of 88 and the Corrupted worker having the highest one amongst the corrupted creatures at level 103 Slayer. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best corrupted creatures to kill in RuneScape 3.

Corrupted Worker

The corrupted worker is the best corrupted creature to kill in RuneScape 3 in terms of combat XP. It’s not surprising as the corrupted worker is the strongest corrupted creature available in the game. You need to have level 103 Slayer to be able to harm this monster. Same with all the other corrupted creatures, you need to have a feather of Ma’at in your inventory to be able to kill it.

Corrupted Scorpion

The corrupted scorpion is the best corrupted creature to kill in RuneScape 3 for money-making purposes. You need to have level 88 Slayer to harm this creature. Both corrupted scorpion and corrupted worker share roughly the same drops per kill. With that in mind, the corrupted scorpion is a much easier monster to kill by having a lower combat level compared to the corrupted worker. Not only that, the corrupted scorpion also has a lower amount of life points, making it faster to kill.

In summary, the best corrupted creature to kill is different depending on your goal. You will be fighting corrupted workers if combat XP is what you’re looking for. However, the corrupted scorpion is a slightly better choice if you’re looking to make money.