RuneScape 3 Best Hammer for Smithing

Hammers are the primary tool used in the smithing skill. There are various hammers for you to choose from depending on your levels. Using the correct hammer will help you smith more efficiently. In this guide, we’ll explore some of RuneScape 3 best hammers for smithing, complete with their requirements and benefits.

Crystal Hammer

The crystal hammer is a hammer made by enchanting a crystal tool seed with 150 harmonic dusts at the singing bowl in the Ithell District of Prifddinas. This process requires level 80 Smithing. Alternatively, you can turn a crystal tool seed into a crystal hammer by paying a small amount of gold to Eluned, Ilfeen, Islwyn, or Rhodri Dail. This method of obtaining a crystal hammer doesn’t require harmonic dust. Furthermore, this method also bypasses the level 80 Smithing requirement.

The crystal hammer is one of RuneScape 3 best hammers for smithing, as it provides a decent benefit for smithing activities. While smithing any of the core metals, the crystal hammer will give you a +1% chance for double progress. Furthermore, this hammer is augmentable, therefore allowing you to add skilling perks to your crystal hammer. Augmenting the crystal hammer also prevents it from reverting into seeds after 3000 strikes.


The hammer-tron is a smithing hammer made through the Invention skill. You can make the hammer-tron after discovering its blueprint on the invention workbench at level 22 Invention.

Similar to the augmented crystal hammer, the hammer-tron also features two tool gizmo slots. The hammer-tron on its own doesn’t provide beneficial passive effects for smithing. However, the tool gizmo slots that come with it can be used to add some invention perks helpful for smithing activities.

You can turn the hammer-tron into the upgraded version at level 93 Invention. The upgraded version will provide more invention experience when disassembled or siphoned.

Best Smithing Perks

You can add invention perks to the hammer of your choice to increase its benefits. The following are some of the best invention perks beneficial for smithing activities.

  • Tinker. This perk will give you a 2% chance per rank to double the progress of a swing. Therefore, this perk will increase your overall experience per hour.
  • Rapid. The rapid perk will give you a 5% chance per rank to double the progress of a swing at the cost of losing double the heat with every hammer swing. This perk is discouraged for AFK smithing.
  • Wise. This perk will increase the experience gained by 1% per rank. This effect is limited to 50000 experience per day.